Peer Review Process

Peer Review Process

The research article submitted to this online journal will be single blind reviewed by reviewer. The accepted research articles will be available online following the journal peer-reviewing process. Language used in this journal is Indonesia.

The reviewers involved in Husada Mahakam: Jurnal Kesehatan consist of several health sciences both from Health Polytechnic of East Kalimantan and from other universities who become partners (Peer Reviewer). 

All papers submitted to Husada Mahakam: Jurnal Kesehatan undergo single blind peer review by two reviewers. In the single-blind review process, the reviewers know the identity of each author. This enables unbiased and accurate review of the manuscript.

After a manuscript is submitted, it is reviewed by a receiving editor of the Editorial Board. If the manuscript passes the first editorial review, it is sent to reviewers for single-blind peer review.

The reviewers are selected on the basis of their area of expertise and interests, if the reviewer accepts the offer to review the manuscript, they will be sent the complete manuscript.

Please provide an objective critical assessment of the manuscript about the concept of the study, relevance in relation to current scientific knowledge, scientific content, language, and grammar. You will be asked to make a recommendation for publishing the manuscript. Please provide reasons for your recommendations.

If you believe that the manuscript needs changes for improvement before it is accepted for publication, please make the suggestions on how to improve it. If the comments are negative please help the authors in improving their manuscript by explaining weaknesses in scientific content or language. Any offensive language in the comments cannot be tolerated.

Based on the reviewer's comments the assigned editor will take a decision about the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript. The editor may decide to: 1) accept the manuscript without revisions, 2) invite authors to resubmit the manuscript after minor or major revisions while the final decision is kept pending, or 3) reject the manuscript.